The Community Fund

The Community Fund

Bourne Free has always been about the community of Bournemouth and Poole, and the surrounding area. In 2012 we launched our Community Trust Fund project where Bourne Free will grant funds to applicants wanting to make a difference in the community.

About The Fund

The “Bourne Free Trust Fund” provides funds from fundraising activities that have taken place at the Bourne Free Festival or throughout the year to individuals or organisations that aim to help others in the community. The Bourne Free Trustees and Committee are passionate about helping people, young or old, and aim to empower members of the public to help others that may be in need from time to time. Bourne Free have for many years wanted to set up a trust fund that provides funding to individuals or other charities and organisations that want to help others in the community or that want to help raise funds for charities, like Bourne Free. Through the Bourne Free Trust fund, any person who lives, works, or goes to college or university in Bournemouth or further afield (but within Dorset) or is a charity or organisation that operates within Dorset can apply for a grant for any activity or project aimed at helping others in the community.


The fund will open for applications once a year (usually in September). The closing date for applications will be 30th November. Decisions will be made in December/January, and successful applicants notified by early January. By applying to the Bourne Free Trust Fund, applicants agree to the terms and conditions of funding. Please include any additional paperwork that you feel would support your application. If you do not submit additional paperwork or information at the time of application, The Bourne Free Trust Fund may ask you for more information to support your application.

You can make an application by first getting in touch with us and discussing your requirements with our team.